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Let’s go to the beach (beach) let’s go get away / they say what they gonna say - Croatia 2014 woo

This is me!! In Croatia. With my sister and some loser whatever who even cares about him.

(P.S. I’m blonde now)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, I'm a huge fan of your art, love it. I was gone from tumblr for a while and came back and now I'm really confused. All of my favorite artists are drawing harry potter and James potter African American. Could you please explain to me where this started and why?
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

I’m gonna go ahead and refer you to this post of mine, explaining where got the idea: [x]

But I see burdge has been doing it lately too, maybe you can ask her as well? 

Realistically, lots of fans have been imagining/writing/drawing Harry Potter characters as people of colour for a long time. I guess there’s just been some recent enthusiasm over the idea of a brown Harry.


PSA if you send me nice messages and i don’t respond

there is a 100% chance i saw it and it made me super duper uber happy but i have no idea how to respond and i will let it sit in my inbox for days or weeks and smile when i see it but still have no idea how to respond 

there is a 0% chance that you annoyed me and i don’t like you. 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
are you still taking requests? maybe? pretty please? ive never seen you draw any of the mentors from young justice (i couldve just missed it though), so maybe a nice ol' bats and dick grayson moment? i love your art style!!
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

I indeed have not drawn the mentors (except for one sketch of Wonder Woman, once upon a time), because drawing legends makes me a little anxious.

But I might post Batman sketches soon.

Sometimes I’ll just be going through my own archive and I’ll run into things I have absolutely no memory of drawing

like this what on earth is that where did that come from

and then she discovered hope.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
That creepy sculpture your mom has on a mantel looks like a house elf XD
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

You are so right though









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My precious babies all growned up and chasing horcruxes and saving the world and shit :’)

Harry still wearin’ an old shirt of Dudley’s I see.

Good eye, my friend.

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A sketch of a genderbent Roy and Cheshire that got a little out of hand and might get finished or might not.

Is the Harry and James being black (and mixed) thing Au though? Is there something in the book who questions it or something?
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

It’s not au, although the representation of Harry Potter as a white kid in the movies and on the covers of the books renders his interpretation as a poc slightly alternative, imo. By comparing it to aus, I was simply trying to tie it together with my general inclination to reimagine characters in different situations, including reimagining them as different races. But you’re right, poc Harry isn’t really au at all.

I saw your post about a ron without brain scars is a ron you dont wanna see, and I had to ask, whats a brain scar??
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

In the fifth book, when they all go to the ministry and break into the Department of Mysteries, Ron gets hit by this curse that makes him act really stupid/drunk, and then he accios these brains from a tank that wrap themselves around his arms and body and start strangling him.

They leave scars all up his arms, which are mentioned a few more times in the books but not often, and aren’t a thing in the movies at all, but they’re there. And people forget to draw them most of the time.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What's your shop link?
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

You can find it here :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why is Harry black?
murrmernator murrmernator Said:

Okay, I’ve been looking for this for ages and I’ve finally found it!

A few months ago, I spied this post by the very talented Vondell Swain, and I thought it was pretty cool. Good art. Great painting. Cool idea. I was down.

But then I saw this post (also by Vondell Swain), explaining their headcannon for James Potter being black and Harry being mixed, and it just spoke to me, I guess?

So I’ve kind of been rolling with the idea, but without the due credit because I couldn’t find the original post, but then I found it again. So now I can properly credit the idea.

Mostly, I just think it’s fun to re-imagine characters (you will notice that I am all about the AUs, which is an extension of this inclination), and it’s fun to be able to draw a Harry that doesn’t look like everyone else’s and doesn’t make me feel like I’m copying tumblr user burdge all the time.