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So I’m still meaning to do like, half a dozen of the prompts from last time I did this, and also I have a billion and one requests in my inbox that I have waiting, but nothing is working i just can’t draw a single thing ugh



Prompt me?


To break through this abysmal art block?

  1. bitchamigos answered: If you don’t mind doing Harry Potter stuff, could you do Albus, Rose and Scorpius?
  2. coconutstripes answered: Thor and Sif!
  3. hakumeihime answered: So I totally had this idea in my head with Wally and Artemis undercover at a Wayne Enterprises Gala. (maybe with Dick and Barbara? =])
  4. irishchic21 said: You should draw future spitfire with Artemis, Wally, and their kids!
  5. aime-agine answered: The team on whatever high school sports team (or club) that they would be a part of?
  6. twoteas answered: What about Wally and Dick getting up to mischeif when they were younger? Maybe with disapproving elders?
  7. flamehairedblur answered: I always get to these really late but umm, Wally and Artemis patching each other up after a mission ? Or Artemis and throwing knives ?
  8. robiningravens answered: Tigress!Artemis and Batgirl!Barbara being bros. Because Gotham Acadamy girls have to stick together.
  9. brucetheghoul answered: Artemis bored at her part time job in campus. Wally sneaking in to say hi. Because I’m bored at work
  10. titanforms answered: Maybe more Fabulous Future Fun?
  11. opaul answered: Well you probably already have a bazillion by now but how about, Wally and Artemis reuniting after he gets out of the speed force
  12. spookylikesilver answered: the swimming boys.
  13. rikuhinta answered: Artemis and Wally as hunters from Supernatural? I got the idea from this amazing fanfic by IronicVeghead that is just awesome.
  14. sarcatt answered: i second the request for wally in a towel
  15. purplesuiren answered: Zombie apocalypse AU with any character. I know this is probably common,but genderbends. And that’s it.
  16. a-charlotte196 answered: spirtfire, rockers, short waist ripped shorts for artemis, motorcycle clothes like for wally,i love them with those outfits, 16 years old :D
  17. petitepunkrock answered: nightmartian. ~*~i will never not request nightmartian~*~
  18. anoddballwithakeyboard answered: Have you ever done kiddie Wally and Artemis? Maybe?
  19. chaotic-melody answered: How about some of the freshmen hanging out? That would be fun!
  20. pairofsmittens answered: Tula
  21. delirious-daydreamer answered: Bartender Wally.
  22. wonderlandleighleigh answered: Wally West in a towel. *nods*
  23. caseyboovins answered: Wally in his motorcycle jacket.
  24. thebarbarians said: hippy wally and artemis acid tripping!!
  25. shiverquiver answered: Coffee shop AU, some young justice characters you haven’t drawn before? Some more cheshroy, genderbent AU. More fantasy au?
  26. tryingtofixflashpoint answered: wally being a dork while trying to arm wrestle connor with M’gann and artemis laughing in the backgrounds
  27. roxy61995 answered: Zee, Artemis, Dick, and Wally being bros!
  28. ravenssoulself answered: I’d love to see your take on Raven if she was in YJ.
  29. onthewayhero answered: Can I get a fixed Spitfire? Wally just got back and whatnot, please?
  30. theravioliyoyo answered: Zatanna and her dad.
  31. ghostrs answered: a dancer
  32. shadowywinds answered: Wally and Artemis in college!
  33. esaroo answered: older, married spitfire meets season 1, before auld acquaintance, spitfire?
  34. enterpris answered: How about some yound Dick and Wally mischief? Or, if you want other fandoms, tenth doctor or BBC Sherlock?
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  36. wondy answered: Wally kissing Artemis under water?
  37. sizzleshorts answered: More of that Western AU? Maybe SuperMartian?
  38. artemisofakind answered: SPITFIRE FRENZY (season 1)
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