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Sooooo last night was prom (an all night affair, involving pre-prom photo op, actual prom, after prom at a UofT frat house, after after prom at my buddy's house, I though I would hate it so I was very pleasantly surprised when my actual mood ranged only from mildly bored to having a good time) and this morning we got our exam marks back (being at school for 8:30 was a blast, as you can imagine) and just now was my graduation ceremony (I gave a speech to introduce the valedictorian, because we are old friends and I love him, and it was a very smushy feelingsy time) and

NOW I AM DONE. WITH HIGH SCHOOL. What an action packed two days. 

I know you guys are here for my art, not my life, but I thought I would share because 

a) Big Emotional Changes in Murr’s Life

b) Now I’m officially on summer break so I officially have time to art again after the nightmare that is exam week.

So, yeah. Cheers.

  1. loverofstories24 said: I never would have guessed you were still in high school… Because your art is too amazing haha. Congrats on graduating!!!! :D
  2. sodalimepop said: Congratulations with finally being done! I have two years left. U_U
  3. freakin-amazing said: Felicidades! Congratulations! :D
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  5. theravioliyoyo said: Congratulations!
  6. jncera said: Congrats! Let the summer fun BEGIN!
  7. prettylittlegourgeist said: wait, it’s like, july. Don’t most highschools end in early june?
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